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Rejuvasun 332 with Omnilux
Rejuvasun 332 with Omnilux
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Why Choose Rejuvasun with Omnilux?

The ETS Rejuvasun spa bed has added the Omnilux medical grade rejuvenating panel into it's bed, offering both red and near-infrared light waves - clinically proven to show a 74% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.
Rejuvasun with Omnilux's parent device, the Photo Therapeutics Omnilux, is used extensively by 3,200 dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide
This phototherapy device is the only one in the tanning industry that has a 510K, FDA cleared status based on extensive clinical studies proving exceptional results
The only system offering both red light waves at 633 nm and 830 nm, near-infrared light waves, proven to be the most effective program for skin improvement combined to full tanning capabilities